Is casual dating as scary as it seems

For many people the idea of casual dating is beyond intimidating. It involves putting all your details online where anyone could see them, and this includes photos of yourself. You have no idea who is seeing them. You then have to message a bunch of strangers, who may or may not message you back. You then meet up with people who are openly meeting you primarily to have sex with you! There is no pretence about the fact that they are physically driven to be with you, they are open about it! More than that, you are doing the same thing and somehow that feels, wrong and scary.


Well, I am here to put your mind to rest about these issues. Casual dating is nowhere near as scary as it seems on the outside, in fact, it is anything but! I am here to allay your fears, and tell you why casual dating is something that everyone should try, whilst allaying the inherent fears that you may have about it.

No sex please, we are British


In Britain, we don’t like to talk about sex one bit. It is a part of our lives that culturally we do not discuss. We have become far more open about it in recent decades, and given another couple of decades we may find that things really are different. For now, it is ingrained in us, through raising, and so the concept of talking about sex upfront like this seems… wrong.


Honesty about sex brings relief with it


Bringing sex on to the table brings with it all sorts of relief! No longer will you ever have to be with someone who does not satisfy you in bed. No longer do you have to pretend that you are not a sexual being with needs and desires. You can be open and honest about it, and this brings honesty in all sorts of other areas. All those people that lie and cheat with their partners, you will not have this whilst casual dating… because there is no reason to lie, no need for dishonesty. Get ready for one of the most honest dating experiences of your life.


Starting with sex accelerates the relationship growth


You learn more about someone once you are physically intimate with them than you ever did when you were not. People open up, people are more honest about sharing themselves. When you date casually, you start with the sex, so you start by opening up fast. You get to know each other very quickly, which means you rarely waste time hanging out with someone that you fundamentally clash with for very long.


Casual daters are happier people!


One of the biggest causes of relationship misery is a lack of sex and neediness. When you casually date someone, neither of these things are present! You are both getting laid, and as there are many other options available, no one is that needy. It is really nice.


Casual dating is not scary at all. It offers a place of actual honesty, of openness and of early truth about the people that you are with. If you take the plunge, you will not regret it.

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