How To Choose Profile Username

Profile username can be a bit tricky. Should you be kookie, sexy or just use your own name. Watch this short video and find out.

How to Break the Ice on First Date

First date can be scary for anyone, much like job interviews people can get very worried about them. We put this short video together looking to help people determine what to say on their dates to break the ice and help everyone relax and have a good time.

How To Start Messaging

Women often complain about how boring initial messages received on internet dating sites are. This make complete sense since they can receive hundreds in a day. In order to do well at internet dating it’s very important to know what to write. That what this video covers.

F-buddy internals

F Buddy is one of the top casual dating sites in the world. However since it’s very protective of it’s members identities it’s rare you can get a look inside or any advice without joining up yourself. That until now, we have filmed a complete guide and painstakingly removed anything unsuitable for work.