Casual dating guide for the serial monogamist

Most of us are brought up in a certain way, namely to believe that you date only one person at a time, and that this is the right and proper way to do things. We are trained into being serial monogamists. However, this simply is not the case in the modern world. We are more open about the need to have sex, we are more time starved and have less free time to date people and find out slowly if they are the right person for us. The pressure is on to deliver both in the work place and out home lives, and the “work life balance” simply does not exist. If you are doing well in one area, you are likely to be failing in another, you really cannot have it all as you have finite resources. So monogamy is no longer the way to do things. What if you are stuck, what if you are a serial monogamist? Look no further, here is my guide to casual dating for the serial monogamist.

Free your mind

Firstly, free your mind. Accept that what you have been taught may simply not be true. If you accept this, you have taken the first step to sexual freedom.


Accept that sex is a good thing

Most of us have been raised to believe that sex is bad. That is not a good thing to be openly loving of it, especially in the UK. However, this is simply not true. Sex is a natural thing, one of the most basic and natural human needs, and to deny that is to deny that which we are as people. I would urge you to do what ever you need to get over this.

sex is health

Understand that woman want sex as much as men

This is an often overlooked corner stone of casual dating. This understanding. I won’t go into it too much, but if you need to go and read something like “my secret garden” to help you fully appreciate that this is the case, order it on amazon now.


Understand that being able to sleep with more than one person is a positive thing

The only way to know if something is “good” is often to compare it to something else that you have had to see if it is better or worse. We need a sense of the overall “market” to know if we have something of value. Unless you are dating other people, how do you know the quality of who you are dating? It is simple logic.


Release your inner pressure

We put pressure on ourselves to be a certain way, do achieve certain things. In dating, we go in thinking that we have to make it a good date. This is out of your control, it will depend on who you are and who she is. That is the defining factor. Casual dating is, well, casual, which reduces this pressure.


Take the plunge

The only way to swim is to jump in the water. Take the plunge and give it a go. Think of it this way, what have you got to loose?

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