What to expect from a sex dating website?

Welcome to dating review, the website where we review and locate the best sex dating websites on the internet for you, so that you can have the most enjoyable casual dating experience of your life! If you have never used a sex dating website before, you are probably wondering what to expect from one, and may even be a little nervous about using one. As the 50th parachute regiment’s moto goes, “knowledge dispels fear”, and I am here to take you through what you can expect, so you go in with your eyes open, more confidently ready to meet a new f-buddy for sex.


There are a lot of terms you may be unfamiliar with, many of which amount to the same thing.

  • “F-buddy” = F*ck Buddy. A f*ck buddy is someone you are having sex with, but no more.
  • “Friends with benefits” – a friend of yours that you are sleeping with.
  • “No strings attached relationship” – a relationship that is not monogamous. Both parties can date other people, can end it at any time, and there is no expectations of the usual “partner” activities.
  • DFT = down to f*ck, this means they are ready and want tok have sex, now.
  • BJ = Blow Job.


Explicit Photos


Most people will post quite revealing and explicit photos. As people are there for sex, they want to see the body of the person that they are potentially meeting up with. The convention here is to post up photos of your body, but not the face. Girls will generally show either boobs fully exposed or if not then very exposed, men will often go topless.


Very little descriptions

Most people do not spend time writing their profiles.  Descriptions are short, with most people allowing their photos to do most of the talking for them.


To the point descriptions of sexual preferences

People are very honest about what they like in bed. They will very often say if then like  blow jobs, anal sex, their favourite sexual position. They will also highlight any specific kinky preferences if they have them, this could be as simple as “I like my partner to be in charge” through to “I want someone to tie me up, gag me, then f*ck me hard.” However, don’t expect everyone to have written this. Many people do not have any specific sexual preferences, they just like sex and want someone with whom they can share that with.


Sex on the first date

If there is vibe, then you can expect sex on the first date. This is important to understand, because not having sex on the first date in this setting tells the other person that you are not interested. So if you are interested in them, and for any reason you don’t sleep with them on the first date, make it very clear that you like them and your reasons for not having sex, to avoid disappointment. It would be a shame for both of you to miss out on a sex due to a misunderstanding.


Have fun!

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