How to find a sex date tonight

Today is the day you are going to get laid. I am not sure what you have done so far. Perhaps you have had a full day. You got up, brushed your teeth, got dressed, went to work, closed an important deal or spent the day procrastinating before you rushed out the door at 5:30 on the dot eager to leave the place of your daily torture. On the other hand, maybe you are reading this in bed on your smart phone and you are yet to even emerge from the cocoon or warmth that currently envelops your body. Regardless, today is the day that you are going to get laid. This is how you are going to do it.


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Make the decision

The first step to getting a sex date tonight, is making the choice that you are going to do it. It doesn’t matter what else is happening in your life, for today this has to become your life priority. There should be nothing more important to you today than getting laid. Nothing else matters. Once you have that attitude you are ready.


Put aside any feeling of “shame”

Shame in our society is often used to hold you back. Shaming can be a positive thing. We shame people who become unfit, and this can cause people to get themselves healthier. We shame people who act unlawfully, and this makes more people be law abiding. However, we sometimes shame people out of insecurity or jealousy. This is where we are shamed for doing something that infact is going to better our lives. The best way around this? Put aside all shame right now. Dump it all, and focus on getting laid.


Take massive action

This is the biggest step. Take massive action. Note the word massive here. Not some action, not a little action, take MASSIVE ACTION. You are going to do everything in your power – because you need to understand, it is a numbers game.


The numbers game

It isn’t about finding the “one” and even if it is, the only way to do that is to meet as many people as you can to increase the probability of meeting that person. You have to find the person you vibe with, the person that you can be in lust with so that you can then sleep with them, and that comes down to hitting on lots of people to increase your probability of hitting on the person next destined to have the honour of sex with you.


Do at the minimum this:

  • Talk to every girl you see that looks at all eligible for sex on your way to work.
  • At work if there is anyone you like, flirt with them and ask them out for a drink after work.
  • Text 10 girls that you have saved in your phone.
  • Get on tinder, download an auto swipe application, and allow the program to swipe 5,000 girls/guys for you
  • Get onto at least 2 different dating websites, and send 10 messages on each of them. The messages can be cut and paste.


Do even more if you can. This is the secret to getting laid tonight. Massive action for maximum exposure.

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