How to message women for a casual date

Your success getting that casual date will depend on the way you start and follow up your online conversations. With the physical factor diminished, you have to be clever if your date plans are to be carried out. It can be daunting. When messaging women for a first date; I don’t know a single person who doesn’t get even a bit nervous before meeting someone they’re interested in for the first time. Yet getting that casual date can be pretty easy – mush easier than you might think - so here’s our guide with the best advice.

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Make full use of biographies

Look at a woman’s biography and work your way from there. Try to find a fact about them and ask a question relating to that. For example, if her bio says: “I love dogs,” ask her if she has any and what kind of dogs they are. Simple questions like that show that you’re interested and will get the conversation going.

Be unique and engaging

Be unique when you message, give those texts some personality. It doesn’t necessarily have to be funny or smart, just put a little bit of ‘you’ when chatting to someone new. Don’t use the typical pick-up lines you hear down the street, they only show that you couldn’t be bothered to think of something better to chat someone up. All women have rolled their eyes at a well-worn, cheesy pick-up line, they don’t work. Instead, make something up yourself and try to prove you’re a good match.

It’s all about introductions

This is the first impression woman will get of you, so make it count. Saying “hi” or “hey” whenever you message is okay, but the conversation path from there is very predictable and can get very boring. Compliments work, but that’s not everything you need to convince someone to go out on a date with you. Mix it all up and try to picture her twisting her head to the side ever so slightly with a half-smile on her face – you’ll sure get a positive reply if you manage that.

Remember this is online

Unlike a club, where everyone is most likely drunk and sees everything as funny or a good idea, people on dating sites are usually in their full senses and are probably bored when they go online. Take that into consideration and engage with them that way, most extremely cheesy lines don’t work with sober people. Talk to woman in a more personal way because you can’t physically flirt.

Don’t go stalking too hard

To show interest is fine, but to find out a woman’s Facebook ID, address and name of her dog without asking her is going a little bit too far. Especially if you want to go for a casual date, make sure you don’t come across as too keen or desperate. Ask questions but make sure you’re ready to answer them as well.

Think about what makes you, you, and put that across. Woman aren’t only looking for funny partners, it is as likely they’d like to date a shy one. Don’t over-think it and you should be fine!