How to pick a man in adult dating sites

There is a lot of choice out there and if you can find the right man, you can have incredible conversations, unforgettable dates and maybe even find an ideal partner in them. But obviously you need to build up to that and, before making a pick, it’s easy to take some wrong turns. They might make for some hilarious stories but very likely not good dates, to say the least. So, how do you choose your man in adult dating sites? Here’s what we think.

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Look for something with substance

When looking at a man’s profile, you want to see a story, a variety of pictures that, in a way, show who he is and what he likes to do. A profile full of selfies taken in front of a mirror is boring and suggests a flat personality. Yes, they might not have someone else to take a picture of them or might not be photogenic, but take this into consideration when picking. Look for a story instead of photos of themselves; there’s more to a picture than just the person in it. Nothing wrong with being selective.

Impressions count

When making up your mind, try to visualise being with that person. Would you actually like to hang out with them, would they entertain you and would you get along? Some people like photos where the other one is smiling, others like funny quotes. Think about the impression they’ve made on you so far and trust your instincts. Being likeable online is better than looking great, as that’s what’s going to give you the in.

Don’t be afraid to make the choice

Plenty of men are happy to be approached by women – or other guys if that’s the case. Don’t be put off if you’re the first one to talk or have the choice in your hands. If you know what you’re looking for in a man, then just go for it! Having specific wishes in a man is good and will guide you towards a suitable match.

Take the circumstances into consideration

Men in online dating sites are probably going to use them when they’re bored, just a random guy on the phone instead someone drunk at the club, so engage with them like that. Your messages should be a little smarter, as you can’t physically flirt online. You also have to consider what you’re looking for, as the kind of men you talk to will depend on the website or app you’re using. For example, most people on Tinder only have it for the jokes and aren’t looking for something long-term. So, use sites that fit your desires.

How you pick a man will depend entirely in what you’re looking for. Some sites will try to do it for you with algorithms but, whether you don’t believe in that sort of thing or you’d rather choose yourself, keep your interests in mind, as they’ll guide you to a suitable man.

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