Is casual dating as good as it sounds?

What is casual dating? Depending on who you ask, you will get a variety of answers, and depending on how confident they are in their own skin you will also get different degrees of honesty. Essentially, it is all about the no strings attached approach to life, meeting new people with the presumption you both want to jump on the good foot and do the bad thing. Get jiggy. Make the beast with two backs. Have sex.


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So what we’re talking about here is casually dating people who desire sex. This is not a topic of conversation for people to chatter about the benefits of high street restaurants and overpriced drinks. Of course, they’re included in the casual dating package. This is a casual arrangement to find someone tonight. This is not a conversation about finding the person you want to marry. Here we want to discuss the benefits of dating multiple people with no commitment.  For people who want to satisfy their carnal needs for a good time and ultimately, sex.


Casual dating is one of the best creations ever not deliberately thought up. I don’t believe anyone ever put pen to paper to create the format that allows people to indulge in promiscuity. With the new age of online dating and phone apps, it’s made easy. You’re always just one click away from meeting someone new. We all desire, we all lust. So why do so many people keep going back to the same pubs and clubs week after week trying to find someone casual? It doesn’t make any sense. Yes, you may have the gift of the gab but, when you have a website and apps creating a forum for like-minded people to meet. It makes no sense to start anywhere else. Skip the middleman and go straight to the honeypot that is online dating. Digitally you can with great ease, organise a date with a new person every night of the week. It's easy to do and it's fun.


With the simplicity also comes the fun. Whether dating several people at once or casually one at a time. Relax, you know the saying. There's plenty of fish in the sea. There are plenty of people out there who want what you want. The more you get out there and date casually. The more you fun you’re going to have. The more sex you’re going to have. And if that's not fun, I don't know what is.


Can there be any cons in casual dating? This all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re the type of person who never wants to get married, settle down and have kids. You could ride this rollercoaster forever. Plenty of people do. You don’t have to make any long-term commitment to anyone. You can date multiple people a week. So, if you don’t find compatibility with an after-work wine on Monday. Tuesday night cocktails could be the one for you. If, however, you are someone who is actually looking to find that special someone. Then why not jump into casual dating. This enables you to meet many people in a short space of time. It allows you to find compatibility in not just lust but if you’re looking for a special someone. They’re probably in the last place you look.


Despite your dating goals. Casual dating is for you.

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